How to Ensure a Back to School Stress Free Morning Routine

Posted by admin on August 4, 2010

How to Ensure a Back to School Stress Free Morning Routine

Come on! Let’s go! I have to go to work and you’re going to miss the bus! I don’t know where your favorite shirt is; it’s not my responsibility. What do you mean you did not do all of your homework? Did you brush your teeth and wash your face yet? Come on! We need to leave… NOW!

Hopefully your mornings don’t start out like the one I just described. If it sounds all too familiar, it’s time to change your daily routine. A consistent bedtime routine will make for a stress free morning. Here are some tips to get your morning started off on the right foot:

• No yelling or raising your voice.

• Go to bed early and wake up early.

• Shower and bathe in the evening.

• Look over homework before bedtime. Make sure it has been completed.

• Before bedtime pack lunches and get backpacks ready to go.

• Provide instructions once. Repeated requests only send the message that it really doesn’t really have to be done right away.

• Set consequences and stick to it.

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